9 tips for a great BBQ


9 tips for a great BBQ


Throwing a bbq is a great activity to throw in. However, even sophisticated BBQers may find the process sort of tedious and stressful. Especially, if they are serving a crowd. Having the right mind set, advance preparations and learning the techniques ensures you won’t be glued by the grill for the entire party. Take note of these 9 tips for having a great BBQ. Make your next BBQ session memorable!


Getting Organized


Preparing and organizing for a BBQ session is about getting the right number of meat and drinks. If you are serving the meat with sauces or marinades, make sure to prepare them the night before. Also, make plenty of them in advance if possible. This way, you will only have to toss in the meat when you throw a BBQ party.


Plot down the number of your guests and how long they’ll be staying. Working on the math can be tedious. It is important to have lots of backups especially if you have friends with bigger appetites.


Convenient Workspace


Having a clear and convenient workspace is essential especially if you’re making lots of BBQ food. You will need to divide areas for raw and cooked food. Also, you need to lay out all the equipment you need. Ensure that all kitchen surfaces and tools are clean, scrubbed and ready for cooking.


Heat Up Early


You will need to leave some time to heat up your grill especially if you’re doing a charcoal BBQ. Never underestimate how long it takes. Your guests will come in hungry and they wouldn’t be happy sitting around waiting for you to light the grill and stay famished until your food is ready. Make sure that you light up early especially if what you’re grilling takes a long time. Such as, brisket or chicken.


Safe BBQ Cooking


Take note of the best ways to make sure your cooking is safe:

  • Thaw frozen food properly before grilling
  • Bring food from the freezer about 20 minutes before making BBQ
  • Avoid cross contamination by washing your hands religiously
  • Turn the meat regularly as it cooks throughout
  • Check if your food is cooked internally by using a meat thermometer
  • Do not leave your cooked meat under the sun
  • Never leave the table or grill for more than two hours

Rest Your Meat


Make sure to clear workspace to allow the met to rest before serving. Your guests will come in hungry and food will disappear. Rest the meat for a while to let the juices stay for a tastier meal.


Eyes On The Grill


Sometimes, meat will be ready earlier than expected. Which is why it is helpful to stay close and keep eyes on the grill. In fact, you can also ask help from your family and friends by taking turns at watching the grill. They can also help with fetching more meat and cleaning up.


Ensure Some Space To Chill Drinks


If your guests are bringing their own drinks, there’s a possibility that they’ve been brining drinks on the way to your party. Odds are the drinks are no longer chilled. You may install built-in wine coolers or a cooler with tons of ice. Adding water to the ice may quickly chill the drinks. But, you may try another quick technique which is using one cup of salt for every three pounds of ice. This can help chill drinks in just three minutes.


Offer Snacks


Some guests may immediately drink as you make the BBQ. They may become impatient if your food isn’t ready yet. Make sure to serve some snacks to fill the gap. You can have shrimp skewers to fill them until the main event.



Nobody wants to stay late cleaning dishes and rubbish. Make sure to have garbage bins on every corner so guests can throw out soda or beer cans and leftover food. This helps clean up as the party goes along. Moreover, it ensures you don’t wake up to a huge mess the next morning.


It only takes good planning and following the tips above to ensure you have everything under control. Whether your family is coming over, or a massive party, preparing in advance ensures you will not be stuck grilling all night. This will then leave everyone feeling full.

This article was written in collaboration with Barbecue Bazaar, a family owned business that sells barbecue grills and outdoor kitchen accessories.