DIY Landscaping – Is It Worth It?


Landscaping ideas begin with good research. Take inspiration by visiting garden centers, public gardens, annual garden shows, even other people’s homes to get a sense of what’s to your taste. Consider your garden dimensions and think about what you want your garden to perform for you.

Elements to consider when initial planning are:

Walls and bounds

Next consider your storyline. Take a look at the size and shape and take under account the direction if confronts, the style of your house it’ll be framing and the surrounding region. Achieving balance is a powerful part of good garden design; pay equal attention to all areas and bear in mind that trees and plants will change shape and size throughout the seasons.  You should also consult the experts like Waddell Landscapes, who offer landscape gardeners in geelong.


Would you rather have casual or formal gardens? Formal gardens are normally tidy and geometric with a great deal of straight lines and trimmed hedges, whereas informal gardens comprise of natural curves and planting is a great deal more relaxed.


There’s no lack of hard landscaping designs, from rustic to sleek and contemporary. Generally speaking, hard landscaping will be the star of modern designs, and the assortment of materials for such spaces is much more extensive — mirror, metal, concrete and painted walls, to name a few — but there’s nothing to prevent you using them in traditional herbaceous gardens. The trick is to make a single, homogenous design.


‘People often over-complicate design by placing too many thoughts and patterns to a small space, which makes it look busy and fussy.’