Solitary Bedrooms: 10 Reasons to Choose a Bespoke Fitted Bedroom


A Bedroom should be our own sanctuary. It is where you must feel relaxed and can unravel from all the stress we go through at work. This is why a bedroom’s interior design is essential because it enables us to create the space our own. Moreover, choosing the right bed, wardrobes and storage offers a huge difference once we enter our room. However, not everyone has the opportunity to find the right equipment and commodities that ensemble their room.


Therefore, most people now prefer bespoke bedroom designs. It customizes your storage solutions and creates space which fits your needs. Further, here are 10 reasons why you must consider bespoke products for your bedroom.


1.      Your bedroom’s interior reflects your home


Not all homes are the same and it is essential that your interior design is in favor to the style of your home. You will find huge varieties of homes across Australia. From picturesque Victorian terraces, to modern apartments in the cities. Also, there is no one type of bedroom that will suit all these places. It is essential that you choose your own materials. You can opt for elegant modern sliding glass doors for your closet. Be keen in choosing the company who has prior experience in designing different styles.


2.      Add value to your home


A bespoke bedroom will add significance to your home. Try adding walk in closets or fitted wardrobes. Moreover, consider high-quality craftsmanship to create highlight on your home. Also add some products that will stand out.


3.      There’s a place for all your stuff


Most standard bedrooms come with drawers and rails. However, there is no ideal product when you are trying to organize your entire closet. Getting a bespoke fitted bedroom will allow you to incorporate:


  • Shoe racks
  • Jewelry drawers
  • Different heights of hanging rails
  • Smaller drawers for other items such as make-up
  • Racks for belts and ties
  • Valet rods


4.      You can relax easily


Sleeping in a messy and cluttered environment is not a good picture especially if it’s your own room. Sleep experts discovered that a neat bedroom helps you sleep. This means it is important to have plenty of storage. Consider fitted closets so you can organize your things neatly. Also, all your stuff are behind the door and keeps a distraction-free environment.


5.      Your bedroom can provide different purposes


A bespoke fitted bedroom allows your room to have different purposes. Such as, turning it into a dressing area, for studying, or a playroom. You can add partitions, or add a dressing table. Also, you can include a dressing table and storage in your walk-in closet. This gives you your own pampering space. This can also be done for those who have kids that share a room.


6.      Everything is installed for you


The thing about buying drawers or wardrobe from retailers is you are the one assembling it. This can be frustrating. Worst, assembling it incorrectly will ruin an entire piece or causes it to fall apart. Don’t buy something you will have to replace every couple of years. That’s just wasting money. A bespoke bedroom is one way of investing.


7.      Unshaped rooms is no big deal


Not all bedrooms have a perfect square shape especially in older properties. Rooms with unusual shape actually has character but can be tedious to make use of the space. This is why bespoke fitted bedrooms are beneficial. It is very convenient, as it fits a non-standard sized room. It also ensures that a peculiar shaped room can become a practical space. Bespoke bedrooms offer endless styles and combinations that will fit any type of room.


8.      Kids can be organized with fitted bedrooms


A kids’ room are mostly a mess especially when their things aren’t properly organized. Also, growing into their teenage years means having lots of clothes. A bespoke fitted bedroom can have plenty of space for all their clothes and accessories. Also, they will have no excuse in making a mess out of their room. You can add racks and storages for their toys, games, books and more.


9.      You can get storage that suits you


Most standard wardrobes have limited spaces. Also, it only comes with the basic fittings which the designer chose. A bespoke bedroom can ensure you have enough space for the things you love. You just have to tell the designer your storage requirements and they sort it all out for you.


10.  Rooms look and feel bigger


Bespoke rooms do not take the space against your bedroom. In fact, it makes a room feel bigger. Bespoke bedroom removes all the clutter and opens floor space which gives a spacious feel. This is best when you intend to sell your home. Bespoke bedrooms are also a great investment.


Bespoke bedrooms are the easiest and convenient way to add storage in our home. It will suit one’s style, shape and size of the bedroom. Moreover, it ensures you have the fixtures you need and keeps your bedroom free of clutter.


For more information about  choosing a bespoke fitted bedroom, please check out Lifestyle Wardrobes.